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On behalf of the International Organizing Committee, I cordially invite you to participate in the first ever International Symposium on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur held in Canada! The University of Guelph will serve as the venue for an invigorating week of scientific and social interaction. The form of the symposium will be revealed in the coming months. 

ISOCS symposia are prestigious international scientific events that have been scheduled biannually since 1964 (Liblice, Czechoslovakia) mostly across Europe and Japan. Attracting attendees from industry, government, and academia, past symposia have covered a fascinating range of sulfur chemistry from theory to practical applications.

ISOCS-29 will be based on the following themes:  

  • Sulfur in Biochemistry and Health                                                   

  • Sulfur Containing Heterocycles 

  • Synthesis, Catalysis and Stereochemistry                                        

  • Sensors, Analysis and Interfaces

  • Materials Chemistry                                                                             

  • Coordination Chemistry with Sulfur Ligands

  • Theory, Mechanism & Reactive Intermediates                               

  • Industrial and Sustainable Sulfur Chemistry 

Stay tuned for future announcements.

Please email: isocs29@uoguelph.ca

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Adrian L. Schwan

Chair, ISOCS-29

Plenary Speakers

Ruma Banerjee.jpg
Prof. Ruma Banerjee

University of Michigan


Kei Goto.jpg
Prof. Kei Goto

Tokyo Institute of



Prof. Jinbo Hu

Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry


Emanuela Licandro photo.jpg
Prof. Emanuela Licandro

University of Milan


DAP headshot.jpeg
Prof. Derek Pratt

University of Ottawa


thumbnail_Photo S. ZARD.jpg
Prof. Samir Zard

École Polytechnique

Paris, France

Invited Speakers

Thomas Back.jpg
Prof. Thomas Back

University of Calgary


James Bull.jpg
Prof. James Bull
Prof. Françoise Colobert

ECPM/Université de Strasbourg, France

Prof. Noureddine Khiar

University of Seville


Mario Leclerc.jpg
Prof. Mario Leclerc
Anita Maguire.jpg
Prof. Anita Maguire

University College Cork


Dr. Nastaran Salehi Marzijarani
Marcel Mayor.jpg
Prof. Marcel Mayor
Prof. Stefano Menichetti
Daniel Werz.jpg
Prof. Daniel Werz


Universitat Braunschweig


Hideki Yorimitsu2.jpg
Prof. Hideki Yorimitsu

Kyoto University


Zhengbiao Zhang Soochow University.jpg
Prof. Zhengbiao Zhang